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Products Categories

As a diversified global protein trading company, we specialize in all categories of the protein industry, dealing with not only muscle meats, but variety meats, offals, fully processed and value added products.  From high volume commodity producers to ABF and Organic suppliers, we are able to source product that meets our customers specific needs.

We source pork cuts, variety meats, offals and pork based further processed products.  We are able to source both fresh and frozen products from our global supply base.  Our focus is North American produced product, however, we also source from countries such as Brasil, Chile, Europe, Mexico and other origins.


Our seafood product mix focuses mainly on Asian origin products out of China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Inda, etc.  We manage whole fish, fillets, portion control, etc., as well as shrimp, squid tentacles, octopus, salmon, etc.


Our beef category consists of boxed beef cuts, variety meats, offals from North American producers, as well as supply from Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay and other countries. 


Chicken and Turkey cuts and offals are mainly supplied from our North American supply base, however, we also source from Brasil, Chile, Mexico and other European countries. We manage both fresh and frozen product, and manage yearly contracts for those customers that have the need for guaranteed supply all year.

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